Bridging the Litigation Support Gap

Your service provider has delivered your e-discovery, transcripts have come in from the reporters and your new litigation support database software has arrived.

Now what?

Prismbase bridges the gap between the mailroom and the courtroom.  We help you make the most of your investment in litigation support technology and save you time, money and frustration.

We Get It

With over twenty years of litigation paralegal experience, we understand it's not about data and images, it's about mastering the facts and evidence. It's about efficiency - providing the best client service while keeping costs under control. It's about flexibility - being able to adapt quickly when the unexpected happens.

We can bridge the communication between attorneys, service providers, application providers and in-house IT, to help everyone work toward the common goal - and not waste your valuable time and your client's money.

Big or Small, Prismbase Can Help

Many larger firms recognized this litigation support gap and employ an entire staff dedicated to supporting litigation technology.   Prismbase began with the simple idea of providing big-firm litigation technology support for smaller firms that might not have the volume of litigation to justify a full-time position.

Whether you're implementing new technology from scratch or have a project that is outside your current capabilities, why go it alone? It only makes good business sense to hire someone to get you up to speed as efficiently as possible.

Even if you have a fully-staffed litigation support department, the work flow is constantly changing - sometimes you need more capacity, sometimes less. Do you need:

Large or small, why pay salary and benefits for staff you only need for limited periods of time? Prismbase provides the expertise you need when you need it.

Concordance Certified Trainer

Lexis-Nexis qualifies Sandy Blythe as a Certified Trainer and Consultant for Concordance and Concordance Image.